Doing Business in Denmark


The English language media is full of stories saying that the Danes are the happiest people on earth.  They were unseated by Norway last year but they held the title for several years running and this has inspired a lot of interest in the Danish way of life in the US and the UK and resulted in the publication of many books in English over the past years about Danish society.  There is even a special subset of these books devoted to the Danish concept of hygge.  And though my spell check doesn't recognize it, I could probably dispense with the italics because the word hygge was added to the OED last year- such is its popularity.

Despite all this interest in Denmark and the Danish lifestyle, I suspect many people may not know that Denmark is also rated one of the easiest countries in the world to do business in by the World Bank.  They are rated number one in Europe and number three in the world for ease of doing business.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark indicates that Denmark’s stability and transparency (including lack of corruption) are part of the reason for its high ranking.  It also extols the virtues of the Danish workforce, stating that:

Danish employees distinguish themselves by being highly educated, efficient and responsible. Thus, ‘self-managing teams’ are very common within Danish business and industry: a typical team does all its own planning to achieve targets, with minimal intervention from management. Danish employees are also known for being healthily self-critical, with a willingness to learn and a commit- ment to making improvements – in both production and performance. Denmark also has a strong tradition of collaboration between universities and private-sector companies, which co-operate on research that often culminates in innovative, prize-winning products.
— The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark

The Ministry considers life science, green tech, technology, the maritime industry, food manufacturing and design to be Denmark’s core competencies.  You can read the entire report Denmark: Best Country for Business at the Ministry's website.  The Ministry also provides a quick overview of establishing a business in Denmark and links to more in-depth resources.

As Denmark is consistently ranked one of the most globalized nations in the world, interest in Denmark from abroad is sure to continue and I look forward to providing further insights into Danish culture and business climate in future posts.

Thanks for reading my first substantive post and please join in with any questions or comments below.

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