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I translate Danish language texts into clear and natural English. While I was born in the US and am a native speaker of English, I have also lived in Denmark and I’ve been a fluent speaker of Danish for nearly 30 years. I continue to read widely, voraciously and passionately in both languages. All this makes me very uniquely qualified to render your Danish language source material into the most appropriate and easily understood English. I enjoy translating a wide variety of articles and documents and my areas of specialization include legal and culture & arts translation.


Areas of Specialization

Copenhagen | Alisa Hamilton Research & Translation

Legal Translation

My background as a law librarian for one of Silicon Valley’s most prestigious law firms has given me great insight into translating legal documents. I understand the high degree of precision and accuracy required for these translations and I do not take this responsibility lightly. Examples of my past successful Danish-into-English legal translations include:

  • Contracts 
  • Legal letters
  • Court documents
  • Administrative decisions
  • Articles for evidentiary purposes
  • Receipts and official documents
Copenhagen Flower Shop & Street | Alisa Hamilton Research & Translation

Culture & Arts Translation

My other area of translation expertise is in culture and the arts.  A lifelong artist myself, this area is very dear to my heart and I enjoy the challenge of rendering an author or artist’s ideas into the most elegant and appropriate English.  Examples of my previous Danish-into-English arts and literary translations include:

  • Creative non-fiction
  • Literary blog posts
  • Articles on Danish literature
  • Cultural report on dance in Denmark
  • Danish fashion scene information for major European fashion house


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I am a very proud member of the American Translators Association and I abide by their Code of Ethics.